Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - Playable Boss & Secret Characters

*UPDATE* Howard Casto has released an updated mod called Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.3, so credit should go to him.


  • Adds the bosses as Playable Characters
  • Adds retro costumes for the bosses
  • Uses the New Boss Portraits and New HD vs pics.
  • Adds a Ladder mode ending animation for Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn
  • Adds Endings (no audio) for the bosses
  • Changes the "Press Space" message to "Press Start"
  • Changes "Noob" to "Noob Saibot"
  • Removes "BUG_ME" message when practicing Kintaro and Goro's fatalities.
  • Adds The Hidden "Classic" characters to the playable Roster
  • Gives the Classics and DLC characters alt costumes.
  • Fixes the Infamous "palette swap" glitch for the Classics
  • Adds Proper portraits, ladder images and vs jpgs for all Classics
  • Removes "BUG_ME" character name when selecting the Classics
  • Adds alt costumes for the DLC characters and Retro Csotumes for Rain and Skarlet
  • Adds alt costumes for the Classic characters.
  • Adds Chameleon and Khameleon


  1. Make sure the game is installed and not running.
  2. Download the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.3 Mod and save it somewhere on the same drive as the game..
  3. Extract the rar file and run the "UMK3.3 Install" file.

Boss Fatalities

Fatality 1: Up, Up, Up, Up,FP
Fatality 2: Up, Up, Up, Up, BP
Stage Fatality: Back, Down, Forward, Block
Babality: Down, Down, Down, Down, BK

Fatality 1: Up, Up, Up, Up,FP
Fatality 2: Up, Up, Up, Up, BP
Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Down, BP
Babality: Forward, Forward, Back, Forward, FP

Shao Kahn
Fatality 1: Forward, Back, Forward, Back,FK
Fatality 2: Down, Down, Forward, Back, FP
Stage Fatality: Up, Up, Back, FP
Babality: Back, Back, Down, FK


  1. This is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's Awsome

  2. thanks
    good job
    i need also God of war character

  3. It fucking works! I cannot believe :D ! Let me just ask you something. Is there a mod for Stuntman, Director, Oni and all other ones from challenge tower? That would be really cool :3

  4. Very good!
    But why khameleon stay always invisible? Thanks

  5. Obrigado meu amigo, liberou todos os chefões, estou super agradecido.

  6. xbox controls of fatality please